Britons Who Join ISIS Should Be Hunted And Killed: UK Defence Minister

Galtero Lara
Diciembre 7, 2017

He said everything should be done "to destroy and eliminate that threat".

But the comments clashed with advise from the terror laws watchdog, who said Britain should aim to "reintegrate" some of the "naïve" jihadis who travel to warzones.

"Quite simply my view is a dead terrorist can't cause any harm to Britain".

After the death of Jones, who was known as the "White Widow", Michael Fallon who was then Defence Minister said that British nationals who chose to leave the United Kingdom and fight for Islamic State were a "legitimate target".

"We have got to make sure that as (they) splinter and as they disperse across Iraq and Syria and other areas, we continue to hunt them down", he said.

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More than 800 British citizens are believed to be fighting for Isis in Iraq and Syria, including teenagers, women and young families, The Guardian reports.

The Defence Secretary's remarks follow the reported drone-strike killing in Syria of a British IS member, Sally Jones, earlier this year and comments made by an worldwide development minister, Rory Stewart, that " fighters could expect to be killed given the threat they posed to British security".

And Rory Stewart, the minister for global development, said the "only way" to deal with British IS fighters in Syria is "in nearly every case" to kill them.

However, under British and global law, an aspiration to eliminate all known British IS recruits will take a little more consideration than simply launching a drone laden with fire-and-forget missiles, the BBC says. Many fear that investigations by MPs on the decision-making process could be the start of mass extra-judicial killings.

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