Pizza Hut tests beer and wine delivery

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 6, 2017

Many Pizza Hut locations are already licensed to serve and distribute beer and wine, which allows Pizza Hut to eliminate any third-party vendor to provide a smoother, faster delivery experience.

Beer and wine are already now served at many Pizza Hut locations, so the brand has some advantages.

For now, Phoenix customers can order Budweiser, Bud Light, Shock Top, or local beer Kilt Lifter for $10.99 a six pack.

It plans to add wine deliveries in January and to expand its beer and wine delivery test to other markets in 2018, one of several steps aimed at reviving lackluster sales.

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BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse has been delivering six-packs of craft beers in select California markets since August.

All drivers carrying beer and wine deliveries on their routes will be at least 21 years old, the company confirmed.

Pizza Hut's beer-and-wine gambit is the latest in a string of upgrades of technology and marketing campaigns to bolster the Yum Brands subsidiary's standing against the competition, particularly delivery chain Domino's, CNBC said.

Pizza Hut is thinking outside the pizza box.

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