'Flu-pocalypse' Predicted Due To Ineffective Flu Shots, Doctors Say

Maricruz Casares
Diciembre 1, 2017

Last flu season's vaccines were found to be 34 percent effective against H3N2 in the US, leading to widespread misery.

That does not bode well for the United States, experts say.

One other flu-related death occurred in Washington state this season, in Pierce County, as reported by Washington State Department of Health.

He said the study was done in Australia because they get the flu season first.

If you get sick, look out for severe aches and pains in your muscles and joints, notable fatigue and weakness, headaches and a high fever. Their vaccine, which has the same composition as the one we use here in the USA, was estimated to be only about 10% effective.

This year's flu season could be more extreme than in year's past and as it turns out, the vaccine might not be as strong as experts hoped.

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"Unfortunately, this is an example of how serious flu can be", said Dr. A universal flu vaccine would eliminate the need for annual shots, as well as attack both pandemic and seasonal strains of the influenza virus. "The more seriously we take it the better".

At this time last season, 37 had to be hospitalized for the flu.

Poursina says, given how severe the flu season is projected to be this year, he is strongly encouraging everyone to get the flu shot, regardless of its effectiveness. Scientists manipulate these home-grown viruses to make them benign, or create a chemical lookalike, which-in the form of a vaccine-gives our immune systems a head start to prepare itself for future microbial invaders.

"Definitely last week, when everyone was out for Thanksgiving and exposed to people coming from out of state and a lot more cold weather, we saw a huge uptick in it", said Remedios. On Oct. 3, it was announced that Oxford University's Jenner Institute and Vaccitech, a biotech company, are developing a potential universal flu vaccine. "So, get your flu shot".

The high prevalence of influenza A viruses in recent years is a particular problem for the current generation of vaccines, Fauci and his colleagues wrote.

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